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Why does Alameda County charge up to $1 a page to view court records online? – The fee per document is capped at $40, but it can certainly add up if you’re in the business of tracking and reporting on civil lawsuits. In light of the national brouhaha over Pacer, Berkeleyside.

How to calculate HOA or condo association fees? – What is the norm in condo associations or HOAs for homeowner’s dues or fees on different size condos i.e. is the amount that each owner pays figured by the square footage of what each owner owns or does each owner just pay the same?

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What is the average monthly management/maintenance charge. – What is the average monthly management/maintenance charge, say, for a Private 2-bed-room condo in Singapore ? Which Condo in Singapore charges the lowest Monthly management / Maintenance Fees ?

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8 Things to Know About Buying a Condo – These issues probably won’t present any complications for an individual homeowner, but it is always a good practice to have as much. for maintenance of your condominium. If interior maintenance, or.

Florida Condo Fees Explained – – Insurance for the association and public areas of the condominium. grounds maintenance, tree trimming, grass cutting, mulching, weeding, etc.. As the price for services rise and fall so do condo fees. Why are some condo fees so much more expensive than others? There can be many factors on.

How much can board raise maintenance fees? – Our condo association raised our maintenance fees over that certain percentage that is allowed by law. I never got the by-laws of this community. How much can board raise maintenance fees?

Condo Owners Have a Venue for Complaints – We require that all those who wish to have us look into our issues to be CCOC members – we only have so much time and we are. had at least three cases where condo owners refused to pay fines or.

How Much Should My Condo Fees Be? – Toronto Realty Blog – So if John has a 500 square foot condo with no balcony, and Mike has a 500 square foot condo with a 350 square foot terrace in the same building, they both pay the same maintenance fees. When you’re evaluating condo fees, you’re going to use the “per square foot” method, just as you would for the value of a condo itself.

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What Is a Condo – and Should I Buy One? – If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you may be wondering whether owning a condominium is. having all routine maintenance tasks (think: trash collection) accounted for in your association dues, you.

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Ask a real estate pro: Lawsuit can spark higher condo dues – I’m concerned that the association will raise our condo fees to cover this. to manage the community affairs. It’s not much different than how citizens elect public officials. Your monthly.

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